Our love

Texts I never published’

I miss you. But more than that, I miss myself. I miss who I was around you. I miss those laughs we had together. I miss everything. The good and the bad. I miss those conversations that we had. More than everything, I miss my smile. That smile that only exist around you, even at times i really didn’t want to smile. I miss seeing you. Just seeing you would make my day, even if it was just on a video chat. I miss your morning videos from the car when you drink coffee and smile in to the camera, that made me happy. I miss hearing your voice. Those late night phone conversations, and falling asleep on the phone. I miss that. So badly. I miss having my best friend, someone i could tell my deepest secrets to, someone i could trust with anything, and i know you would never judge me and you would accept me for me. I miss telling you things I couldn’t tell other people. I miss making fun of each other. Losing you is losing my best friend. Is losing the person that truly made me happy. I’ve lost many people in my life and many people have walked in and out my life but honestly you’re one of the only people I’ve really wanted to stick around. You changed my perspective on love.

I love you. And believe me, I will always do that, even if i don’t want to.

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